Miss Africa’s activities at the World Environmental Day 2017

Queen Neurite Mendes the 1st #MissAfrica, board members of the Environment  and Carbon Emission Board  in partnership with OPSCN an NGO involved in #climatechange mitigation and adaptation efforts and the Ministry of Climate change celebrated #worldenvironmentday 5th June in Calabar, Cross River State.The event kicked off with a road walk to sensitive the general public on the need to protect the environment which flagged off from Mary sensor roundabout to Marian Market for a clean up exercise. The Queen and all stakeholders present proceeded in a courtesy call to the VC Cross River State University of technology CRUTECH and ended in a tree planting ceremony at the University green area.

Find below opening remarks by Queen Neurite Mendes the 1st.

World environment day was inaugurated in 1972 following the United Nations conference in Sweden and since then, on 5th of June of every year , The World Environment day is celebrated worldwide.

Bringing some positive environment changes, educating the importance of decreasing the effects of climate change, creating a more sustainable way of living as well as creating awareness on Many environmental issues mostly cause by me, by you , by all of us.

So today as the world celebrates the 45th world environment day, I would like to propose each and everyone of you to become superheros , and establish 3 super powers called Reduce ,Reuse, Recycle.  Have the power to reduce pollution and deforestation, the power to reuse material such as paper , plastic and cardboard and lastly the power to recycle non-degradable materials.

The wellbeing of the the environment depends on our superpowers because we the first generation to feel the effects of climate change and last that can do something about. Change starts today, right here , right now!

Our ability to connect with the existing nature by protecting and naturing the amazing God-given Natural resources in our environment will further give humanity eco driven life.., maintaining the ecosystem for the future of our motherland Africa.

I stand with Nature.

God bless Cross River State.

God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria

God bless Angola, my hometown.

God bless Africa

#MissAfrica2017 coming soon…


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