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About 263 million children and youth are out of school, according to new data from the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS). This is equivalent to a quarter of the population of Europe. The total includes 61million children of primary school age, 60 million of lower secondary school age, and includes the first-ever estimate of those of upper secondary school age at 142 million.

Of all the regions, sub-Saharan Africa has the highest rates of exclusion. Over a fifth of children between the ages of 6-11 are out of school, followed by a third of youth between the ages of 12-14. According to UIS data, almost 60% of youth between the ages of 15-17 are not in school. 

Poverty and Political instability has over the years creates a barrier for the African child to access quality education

Good news; Sub-Saharan African countries have recorded some of the biggest increases in primary school enrollment since the turn of the century, according to a closely-watched report from UNESCO released in recent time. But the region still has the unenviable distinction of being home to the world’s largest out-of-school population.

Hence, the Reigning Miss Africa Queen Dienda Kasinde Dorcas has decided with the Miss Africa Organization team to join force with any existing Government Programs and NGO’s focusing on educating African child in order to reduce the number of Out of School African children towards achieving the 4th Sustainable Development Goal of the United Nations in 2030 which is Access Quality Education.


“When you educate an African child, you have empowered an African family towards securing a better and self-sufficient Africa for all”

I, Dienda Kasinde Dorcas, therefore, invite you to accompany me on our responsibilities to meet the challenge of development of our African States through Education for All.

Our Goals

To reach out to poor communities where children lack basic educational infrastructures across Africa starting from the Republic of Congo the Queen’s home country to Cross River state Nigeria where she was crowned.

With your help, we can provide Reading Books, Writing Materials, Lamps, School Uniforms and ultimately build a Classroom per Community.

What We Do

The Queen visits communities to research on peculiar issues facing the education system of that community. She advocates on their behalf and creates awareness towards proffering definite solutions to their issues.

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