Miss Africa 2020 Calabar



Online registration via the Miss Africa official Website (100% digital)

Online Screening of registered Contestants (100% digital)

Top 3 would be selected per country and go through the online contests; where they will be asked to send a 60 seconds video discussing why they should represent their respective countries.


Winners would be contacted online and would be asked to go for a full medical test including COVID-19 test in their various country of residence. Original test results would be required.

On arrival in Nigeria, they will be tested again and all arriving contestants would observe all W.H.O precautionary measures during travels.


All Contestants would be camped at the Obudu Mountain Ranch for 14 Days with each contestant in a room to avoid physical contact and sharing of bathrooms. Face Shields would be provided for all contestants and crew members and portable hand sanitizer bottles respectively.

During the morning exercise, contestants would keep 1 meter distance between each other and there shall be no physical contact by the instructor or the contestants.

During mentorship and group meetings, contestants and crew members would keep

1 meter distance from each other.

Food and drinks would be served in a take away pack and sealed for protection.


The seating arrangement for the audience would be cinema seating position,

1 meter space between each chair (front, side and behind).

Proper screening process would take place at the entrance of the premises and at the entrance of the Hall with temperature checked, hand sanitizers and face shields/masks worn before you are allowed in.

Contestants would appear separately on stage and during group appearance, they would keep 1 meter distance from each other, this is not just to observe social distancing but also allow for clear view of each contestant from the judges and audience.

There shall be no shaking and hugging during celebration of the winner.

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