Gase Balopi: My year of reign

Botswana beauty Gase Balopi is getting ready to hand over the reins to a new Queen as the road to Miss Africa 2018 Calabar intensifies.

We caught up with her to chat about her year of reign.

What do you now know about yourself that you did not know when you were crowned queen just over a year ago?  

One thing I didn’t know about myself is how well I work under pressure . I didn’t know I was so resilient and patient.

What are your top highlight moments during your year of reign?

My highlights of the year had to be my refugee camp visits. They helped me realize my purpose and I’m glad my voice can call in Major donations to the migrants. The second had to be attending the African investor forum in South Africa. I enjoyed networking and building lifelong partnerships.

What would you like the next queen to never forget?

Stay Humble. She should always remember who she is and where she is from. Most importantly that she has a big sister and mentor in me. She is not alone.

What for you makes the City of Calabar special?

The culture. Everyone that knows me knows my love for history and how it has shaped us to who we are today. The Cross Riverian culture is so vibrant and unique. Secondly, it would have to be the people, they are warm welcoming .ng. It feels like home.

What’s next from you?

I get this question a lot. When I got this crown I knew that I could not change Africa in one year so I focused on building and establishing connections in all the African countries that participated and more. My foundation will be officially launched next year and I am working very closely with the UN on a major project. Just to mention a few. There’s a lot more coming just stay tuned.

Before she steps into the next major phase of her life, Gase Balopi will hand over the crown in a live event which will be broadcast on DSTV channel 198 and GOTV channel 29 on Wednesday 27 December 2018.