Gase B gears up for her year of reign

It’s been almost a month since Gaseangwe Balopi was crowned Miss Africa 2017 Calabar: the new ambassador of Climate Change and Migration in Africa. The 22 year old shares her plans for her year of reign.

Call her Gase B! 

Gaseangwe Balopi is from a village called Tonota in the Central District of Botswana. She is a University of Botswana student who also dabbles in fashion, styling as well as modelling. Her modelling and pageantry journey began when she made it as a Miss Botswana finalist in 2016 and then went onto to be featured in Elle Magazine South Africa, Legit South Africa and shot with Sun Goddess at SA Fashion Week amongst others.

Lessons so far

The journey to winning Miss Africa 2017 Calabar was not an easy one for Gase B. Not being home during Christmas, losing a phone and spending almost three weeks with 24 girls from other countries and cultures came with its challenges. But she has since learnt so much from the experience, has created lots of friendships and bonds to last a lifetime.

Looking ahead

Gase B plans to dedicate her time making a difference in peoples lives and fighting factors that hinder Africa from reaching its full potential. She’ll be championing a project that’ll see solar powered boreholes installed in various parts of the continent.

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