Sibusisiwe Lynette Falala


Sibusisiwe holds an Honours degree in Bachelor of Education (Clothing and Textiles and IsiNdebele) from Great Zimbabwe University. She’s currently employed as a fashion designer and is also in the process of opening her own clothing company.

She believes that her ability to easily empathize with and relate to people is what makes her unique. “Having been brought up amongst people with different backgrounds, I learnt that not everyone’s story is the same but everyone requires the same respect, love, empathy and understanding,” she explains.

She believes that humanity in the African context refers to the principle of ‘Ubuntu’, which translates to “I am because you are”.  She observes historically, African communities were so closely connected because humanity was part of our identity but there has been a shift in that state. “I believe that if humanity is to be evoked in full in Africa, it can be the foundation to solving problems such as xenophobia, gender based violence and child abuse, just to mention a few. If humanity is restored as part of our identity as Africans, we can stand together as a strong continent.”

Should she win, she will use the prize money to buy the necessary equipment for the textile technology and design students in struggling schools. She says that during her teaching experience, she noticed that sometimes there was a challenge in learning the subject because there wouldn’t be enough sewing machines, needles or even fabric. “Therefore when I win, I would like to help change that. I would also like to enroll for my Master’s degree in Clothing and Textile science.” Her mantra is that “one small act of humanity can change a life, so don’t wait for tomorrow or for someone else, together we can start changing lives today making the world a better place.”