Faith Chowa


Faith has graduated in an International Economics and Trade undergrad degree from Wuhan University in Wuhan, Hubei China.

What makes her unique and special is the fact that there is only one Faith in the world as well as her ability to think and act differently, “the fact that no one else thinks like me is what I believe creation and uniqueness is about.”

Humanity to her means empathy towards one other, regardless of race, ethnicity or background. Faith adds “being human comes from within oneself to be able to understand and feel that we are one people and have an equal right to basic needs.”

She sees this prize money as an opportunity to help better the lives of the people in her community by:

  • Sensitizing and educating the less fortunate on their right to basic need
  • Setting up a foundation that encourages fashion and young talent
  • Setting up a mental health foundation which will bring awareness and lessen the stigma around mental health not only for the young women and children but for but for men too because we can all achieve so much when our mind is right.

She strongly believes that “our differences may matter but our humanity matters even more and together we can make a change.”