Rona Kisakye


UGANDA, Rona Kisakye

I am a graduate of Arts and Social Sciences as well as the founder of Busoga Goes Green. I currently work as an Admin Support with the British Council in Uganda. My motivation: “we were all born to win, but to win we must plan, prepare and expect to win”.

What makes you unique? 

I believe that my communication skills make me unique. I am a good speaker and I carefully chose my words; always making sure that I am understood. I also have great leadership skills when I am put in charge of something. I make sure it’s done in time and the way it should be done.

What is your understanding of the theme “Africanism”?

It means despite the diversity in our cultures, language, food, dressing and tribes, it is what brings us together as Africans because we have one thing that other races don’t have and that is a strong identity and sense of belonging.

What will you do with the prize money if you win? 

I will be able to launch my mobile app that I have been working on called “Africa Unplugged “ because, with high level of social media use, I believe that this will be a great way of promoting Africa’s culture, tourism and diversity and what we stand for as proud Africans.

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