Lobna Ouni


TUNISIA, Lobna Ouni

I’m 20 years old and a student of Finance and Economics. I am a make-up artist, model and beauty queen. I see make-up not as what makes you beautiful but what enhances your beauty because we are all unique and beautiful just as we are.

What makes you unique? 

I have a strong personality, which enables me to accommodate different people and cultures; even when I am different from them. I don’t buckle under pressure. Even when I am in bad mood, I don’t transfer that negative energy to other people. I am a caregiver, someone who likes to take care of the people around me, even those that I do not know. I love children, they are important because they are the future.

What is your understanding of the theme?

It is a new culture that has to be known all over the world because this culture is rich in history, heritage and it is important that it is documented and studied.

What will you do with the prize money if you win? 

I will take the prize money and use it to help children who have diseases or ailments that they are unable to heal from because they do not have the money for surgery. I  do not like to see a world where children are unable to live out their lives fully because they are disadvantaged because of the lack of resources.

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