Ajok-Amoor Agei


SOUTH SUDAN, Ajok-Amoor Agei

I am a 21-year-old force to reckon with. I am currently studying Accounting and I am a fanatic reader and writer. I’m also a Pan-African Queen who is always willing to put myself forward to push the envelope for breaking boundaries between African Countries.

What makes you unique? 

Apart from the fact that my beautiful deep black skin screams Africa, my political and academic background has played a huge role in moulding me to a well informed, resilient and affirmative Leader.

What is your understanding of the theme?

My understanding of the theme Africanism is the redemption of Africa. The future of Africa. As we are, we stand as a dominant factor and we need to exercise our freedom, not just physically but mentally as well. No race, no nation or man has any right to take advantage of others thus Africans shouldn’t allow others to take advantage of or manipulate them. We should live up to the concept of understanding ourselves and accepting ourselves, then will we be able to invest in the youth, sustainably manage our natural resources that will later on present huge economic opportunities and also protect our ecosystem because our trees are our lungs.

What will you do with the prize money if you win?

If I was to win the money I would further invest in my education because knowledge is power. I would also like for a lot of traumatised citizens that come from countries that have suffered the devastations of war and social injustices. I believe a clear, healthy mind and soul is a great weapon for Africans to consciously rise up.

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