Ethel Tondani Maimela

South Africa

Tondani is a model, make up artist and a Director of an NGO which focuses on helping the youth realize their worth and adequately groom them to become future leaders.

She believes that her passion and drive make her unique and this is strongly motivated by her humble beginnings. “I am a village girl at heart and that alone drives me to push and work ten times more than everyone else,” she declares. She says that it was instilled in her to always appreciate every opportunity and look at it as a blessing that cannot be wasted. “I believe that when grace has located you and bestows opportunities upon you, you need to fully utilize them to better both your life and that of others.”

Humanity for Tondani refers to one’s kindness, one’s spirit and one’s heart. It is about appreciating that we are human first before any other similarities or differences we may have. For her the theme humanity embodies all of the above and simply says we are one nation with one heart.

As an ambassador for Miss Africa, it will her number one goal to spread a message of love, unity and oneness throughout the continent and to make sure during her reign that she touches as many lives positively as possible. She adds, “We can never be change agents unless we change ourselves.”

When asked what she will do with the money if she won, she says that “my mother is a very strong black woman who works very hard to make sure that we are sorted and one of the first things I would do with the money is to help her finish building our home. I am unable to graduate because of outstanding fees at the moment so the second thing I would do is to settle my study fees. I will also invest in my NGO, Eunoia SA; to ensure that it keeps on helping children carry the torch forward and become future leaders. Finally for my hard work, I would treat myself.”

She lives by a quote written by Dylan Lauren: “Believe in yourself, listen to your gut, and do what you love”.