Paulette Neo Kaise


SOUTH AFRICA, Paulette Neo Kaise

I’m a graduate of Media Studies and Industrial Psychology at Wits. I also have certificates in Basic Exercise Science and Fundamentals of Running a Fitness Business. I am a health and fitness enthusiast leading to the founding of Empowered to Empower, a non-profit organization that seeks to assist and empower those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

What makes you unique? 

I learn from each and every situation with an open mind and heart.  Experience has taught me to be receptive to various situations and people. I treat everyone with the same amount of respect, from the President to a cleaner. When I leave the room, I want to leave a smile not only on one’s face but their heart as well. That is why they call me “Neo ya Aforika”, meaning “The gift of Africa”.

I aspire to inspire, more especially by being. I am authentic, passionate and very ambitious. Due to my passion and love for health and fitness, I tend to be known as the girl that loves the gym where I go, some even tend to think I am an expert. For this reason, I decided to study and equip myself with the knowledge to better cater for those that ask for my advice After completing my Bachelors Degree in Industrial Psychology and Media Studies, I studied a Basic Exercise Science Certificate and Personal Training diploma to understand better Health and Fitness so I can better assist others. I am also an aspiring entrepreneur, hence I completed my certification in Fundamentals of running a fitness business. I believe that we are blessed in this life to be blessings to others. Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance. Those are the 5 Ps that I live by.

What is your understanding of the theme?

It is more than just about how you dress, what you eat, where you are from, what your culture is or the kind of music you listen to, But it is in the way in which you carry yourself, the love, dedication, passion and drive that you have for Africa. Africanism to me reiterates the spirit of “Ubuntu”, that we are stronger when are a united front as opposed to when we are alone. It speaks to how diverse we are, but still able to gather together, embrace, assist, care and learn about one another. Our rich cultures and heritage, our beautiful people and our beautiful homeland that we are slowly but surely standing up to protect, preserve and be proud of. The ability to be broken down for many years but still manage to be strong and fight for what is ours.

What will you do with the prize money if you win? 

Being at a point where I would like to take my brand to new heights, I believe that I would invest in doing exactly that if not better. Having successfully registered my non-profit organization “Empowered to Empower”, I would like to begin putting it to work. The goal is to touch as many lives as possible, not only in my home country but in the rest of Africa as well. The money would enable me to obtain resources that will aid in being dedicated to my title as the reigning Queen of Africa, executing the plans that I have for my reign and most importantly, in impacting lives and a better Africa.

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