Harrietta Alpha


SIERRA LEONE, Harrietta Alpha

I am 20 years old and a Mende, one of the two largest ethnic groups in my country. I am a self-taught designer and brand owner of “Etta’s Fashion”. I love designing, inspiring and being creative.

What makes you unique? 

I consider myself very unique, my name itself is unique “Harrietta” which is German-driven meaning “leader”, “ruler” and “sovereign”. As a young lady, I have always portrayed such quality and it’s now part of me.

I am strong, bold and beautiful. I was born to reign. I do not wait for the crowd, I lead them. I am fearless and this has made me to standout wherever I go. I love all no part the race or nationality. And I respect because I would definitely want the same. I know what I want and it has pushed me through all these years and I am where I am because of that. I stand up for what I believe which is “We rise by lifting others” and this is what I am going to show Africa.

What is your understanding of the theme “Africanism”?

 My understanding of the theme “Africanism” is simply the rebirth of our culture, ways of life and beliefs. Throughout the years our culture and ways of life have faded little by little but together we can make our cultures and traditions be more unique and appreciated as the limelight all over the world. As the quote says “charity begins at home” I say “charity begins with you” meaning I’ll start from myself before my neighbour. As an aspiring fashion designer, my designs and collections have always been African inspired to promote Africanism wherever I go and get the chance to showcase. I have done so in the face of beauty in Berlin, fashion weekend Gambia, Miss Sierra Leone and Queen of companies, to name a few.

What will you do with the prize money if you win? 

I believe when I win, I have the plan to support and appreciate as well as promote talents in Africa as much as I can. Through this, the hidden talents would take Africa to that very spot that is meant for us. I also believe bringing in talents from all over Africa would definitely be the best way to bring Africa together. Since I also want to really promote youths I have always wanted to further my education after high school. I have done everything through self-taught and I want to see it from another perspective which is going to University. A beautiful woman is one thing but a beautiful and educated woman is an unimaginable force.

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