Irebe Natacha Ursule


RWANDA, Irebe Natacha Ursule

I am currently studying Economics in the Middle East Technical University.  I am passionate about encouraging the youth through community development services as I believe in the saying that “Urubyiruko ni imbaraga z’igihugu” which means,  “The youth are the force of any nation”

What makes you unique? 

My personality makes me unique. I love challenges and I hardly give up. I love meeting people and interacting with them because I believe that there is always a room for change for everyone. I am also helpful because according to my experience, I can help them change their perspectives. All that backed up with confidence, charisma, and generosity makes me unique.

What is your understanding of the theme “Africanism”?

We Africans have to strive to build our motherland especially the Youth.  This can be done by looking up to good things that others have achieved and step in their footprints. It also means to discourage an ongoing problem that Africa is facing now: migration of the youth who think that they’ll find a better life outside Africa. If we can achieve that, it will help the incoming generations to grow with the spirit of Africanism and loving their own.

What will you do with the prize money if you win? 

I intend to use the money to build a rehabilitation center because I love meeting and interacting with people who have different views on life. It breaks my heart to see a large number of youth who became drugs addicts with their degrees.  For me, no one should be left behind on our way to building the Africa we want.

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