Chimamaka Goodness Nnaemeka


NIGERIA, Chimamaka Goodness Nnaemeka

I am 18 years old and currently studying Food Science at the University of Nigeria. I enjoy accommodating new ideas from diverse cultures and acquiring experiences. My passion is fuelled by the saying that, “everything worth doing is worth doing well.”

What makes you unique? 

To be precise, my love for culture and nature is impeccable; it fascinates me and it’s also a driving force for me to be hardworking and determined to get where I need to be to be part of and make a heavy impact to human nature. And that makes me really confident and thankful because my passion for wanting to bring out the best out of my environment can’t go to waste.

What is your understanding of the theme “Africanism”?

Africanism is the practicing of African cultures, languages etc. by Africans home and diaspora in my understanding, literally.

What will you do with the prize money if you win? 

First I’ll thankfully pay my tithe, then sow a little into my pet project as I’ll get other sponsors. Then use some for me of course! I also run an NGO, so It’ll receive part of the money too. Then, of course, my savings.

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