Norah Vanessa Mwase


Norah is currently studying towards a master’s degree in Economics at the University of Malawi. She plans to specialise in Policy Analysis and Public Finance as she aspires to be involved in formulating, and implementing sound policies one day. She loves to travel, hike or go to the gym when she’s not focusing on her studies.

She believes that what sets her apart is the fact that she understands that winning Miss Africa Calabar comes as a responsibility and, just like any other job, it requires someone who is determined and goal oriented; virtues that is certain she possesses. She is confident that she will be able to successfully execute her roles, putting professionalism and the Miss Africa Calabar brand as top priorities.

Humanity to her means belonging to the human race, being human and having the ability to express love and compassion, show kindness and feel empathy. “As human beings, we should live our lives for a greater cause, far beyond our own immediate circumstances. Miss Africa Calabar for me is an opportunity to show an act of kindness to use my voice to advance the needs of people that cannot speak or fight for themselves,” she explains.

Should she win, she plans to work on a platform that’ll put an end to the social exclusion that exists among vulnerable groups with a focus on the elderly, migrants as well as the physically and mentally challenged. She adds that this is an issue that has caught global attention and needs to be addressed because there is a strong connection between poverty and social exclusion. To advance her platform, she will use the prize money to achieve the following objectives:

  • Conducting comprehensive awareness campaigns at grassroots level so that the elderly, migrants, mentally and physically challenged are mainstreamed in the society.
  • Engage in discussion with policy makers to formulate policies that work on reducing social exclusion like introducing effective social safety nets
  • Massive media promotion to show the extent of the social exclusion issue, and get more people involved in the conversation and action

Finally, she believes that our purpose as human beings is bigger that our own lives.