Kelicia Chingeni


MALAWI, Kelicia Chingeni

I am a 25-year-old lawyer and a taxicab service business owner. I love fashion, food, travel, music, and sport.  The words “be the change you would like to see in the world” motivate me as it is by little individual efforts that big things happen. I aspire to be a part of eradicating poverty in Africa and growing it as a continent.

What makes you unique? 

What makes me unique is that I am very optimistic and always look at the bigger picture.  As a result, nothing ever brings me down because no matter how difficult the situation is or whatever hurdles I encounter, I know that is simply there to strengthen me as a person.

What is your understanding of the theme “Africanism”?

For me, Africanism means two things.  Firstly it is about showcasing Africa’s beauty, diverse cultures, natural resources and it’s greatness to the world.  Secondly, it is uplifting each other as Africans and unity among Africans as unity is vital to Africa’s economic, social and political progress.

What will you do with the prize money if you win?

I will invest 50 percent of the money on the money market and the interest that accrues will be used in my outreach activities as Miss Africa. Twenty percent will go towards growing my taxi -cab service because the more it grows, the more people I can employ which in turn helps reduce unemployment.  Another 20 percent will go towards charity activities and the remaining 10 percent will be used to spoil me and share with my family members.

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