Maryam Rae


KENYA, Maryam Rae

I am 20 years old currently in my third year studying International Business and a minor in Psychology at USIU in Nairobi, Kenya. I’m a model, beauty queen, and daughter to a resilient mother. I perceive myself as intelligent, beautiful, humble, strong and God fearing.

What makes you unique? 

What I feel makes me unique is my story and the strength I have as a woman. I have gone through so much in my life where I have been a victim of attempted rape, almost faced death but I always emerge victorious because I have the Lord as my all-time saviour. I’m unique because I believe in myself and I know I’m made for greatness. I have a soft heart and I always have so much love and care to offer to anybody who needs it.

What is your understanding of the theme “Africanism”?

The unity of people of African descent coming together and sharing a common destiny which is to unite and become one and uplift our African heritage this includes using our diverse cultures, beliefs, and our traditions respectively

What will you do with the prize money if you win?

I am not embarrassed to say that I have been a victim of attempted rape and I apologize to all those women, men, girls and boys who have actually gone through rape, as it is a sensitive subject. If I win, I will use some of the money to start programs across Africa that promote anti-rape culture and if possible completely ban rape in some African countries but still promote Africanism at the same time by reminding the entire continent that we are one and we cannot allow rape to separate us and so try as much as possible to eradicate it. It may be a dream today but if I win it will become reality and I have so much passion and believe in change and empowerment of both the girl child and boy child.

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