Diaco Marie Bénédicte

Ivory Coast

Marie holds three higher education qualifications from the University of Loko: Higher Technician Certificate in Electronics, Computer Network and Telecommunications as well as another in Human Resources and

She has been a model since 2016 and has also worked in two communication agencies, one named Holykan where she was a Hostess and another, PIR Advice, where she gave advice to children on hygiene.

She has always wanted to compete in beauty pageants and that is why she launched herself into various competitions wherein she even represented her country in Thailand and returned to with the title of fouth runner-up in
Miss international tourism.

For her, humanity means benevolence and compassion towards others. She feels that a prestigious competition such as Miss Africa Calabar will give her the platform to engage African authorities in general and those in her
country in particular on issues of poverty and solidarity. “I wish to be able to influence the authorities of my country through concrete actions, such as canvassing for donations for charitable associations and disadvantaged
children who are suffering from renal failure. I also want o advocate for the implementation of a committee which will be responsible for reflecting with dedication the fight against poverty and renal failure,” she explains.