Brihanna Kinte


Brihanna was raised in Jamaica and spent much of her formative school years there, before moving to Ghana in 2019. She’s currently a student at the University of Pennsylvania Law School where she’s pursuing a Juris Doctor, specialising in Political Law. She’s always held the belief that every black person is bound to Africa and has made it her duty to learn more and teach others about the true Black History. She says that not growing up in Africa didn’t take away from her knowing whom she is. “In fact, it made me more aware and enlightened. My ability to pour the confidence I’ve had to find through my own life experiences in every single person I come across is one thing that will always set me apart,” she adds. 

The theme humanity for her means being “my brother’s keeper, treating the next person with the same amount of love and respect I desire and most importantly coming together as one people, with one aim and one destiny, to help create a fitter and more progressive generation.”

She has since August 2019 been working closely with officials to help make the repatriation process for descendants of the Transatlantic slave trade less costly and time-consuming. Less than three months later, she singlehandedly helped three Jamaicans gain their Ghanaian citizenships.

Should she win, she will use a portion of the prize to invest in a more solidified organisation that will allow more than three descendants to come back to Africa, claim a heritage that belongs to them and contribute to the improvement of the nation. The other portion she will use to renovate a small, abandoned library in Bawku, a town in the northern region of Ghana. “I want the children in the area to see not just a building that has been abandoned for years, rather a place that is intended to bring them the education they desperately need,” she adds. She lives by the mantra divided we fall, united we stand tall and she hopes that one day, the entire African nation will too.