Ilda Amani Dorcas

Democratic Republic of Congo

Ilda is a part time model and aspiring entrepreneur who has just completed a diploma in Accounting and Finance in Uganda. She also has plans to study a course in Tourism and Hospitality Management in January.

She believes that knowing her values, knowing exactly what kind of woman she wants to be and the kind she would never want to be, is what makes her unique. “I always want people to feel loved, confortable and happy when around me,” she adds.

She believes that her biggest strength is God who never gave up on her even when she felt like she deserved it. “It’s his unconditional love that always kept my hopes alive,” she says.

For her, humanity is compassion, kindness, solidarity, unity and most importantly love. She advises that as human beings we should always remember to love each other as we love ourselves.

Should she win, she will use the money to help her single mom and siblings. She’ll also invest a part of the money to make profits so that she can help as many needy people as she can. “I know what it feels like to not have anything,” she says. Her motto in line is “with love and kindness we can do wonders.”