Marite Atah Efamba


CAMEROON, Marite Atah Efamba

I am 22 years old and in my final year studying Human Resource Management. I have a talent to sing and a passion to help indigent children and families. I believe that hard work pays and one should never stop.

What makes you unique? 

I relate to a wide variety of people, I like coming up with creative entertaining ideas and I really enjoy learning new things, excelling and pushing myself.

What is your understanding of the theme “Africanism”?

It has been said that we can no longer identify ourselves as just members of a tribe, but should rather identify as citizens of a nation of one people working towards a common purpose. Our culture, tradition and language give us great potential. Africa needs more entrepreneurial leaders; Africa needs to unite as one. With the crown on me as Miss Africa with the willingness to impact, I will follow the footsteps of great leaders like Nelson Mandela and other people before me and I will make sure I ask all to join me to be one Africa because that’s all we know.

What will you do with the prize money if you win? 

I will use the money to better the lives of my family. Also, the present situation of my country has rendered many families homeless and many children uneducated, so I am going to use part of the money to support them. I will also use part to create an online shop which sells only African products thereby creating more jobs and promoting talents, something I believe will contribute to reducing poverty.

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