Tuduetso Patience Ishimah


Tuduetso has a Degree in Adult Education from the University of Botswana. She describes herself as an enthusiastic model who thrives in fast paced environments. Her good interpersonal skills together with her reliable character have since secured her a spot in Miss Africa Botswana 2015, Miss Global International 2016 and now, one of the top twenty contestants in Miss Africa Calabar.

She reads in her spare time, especially on current affairs and self-actualization articles while still making time to socialise a bit. “I resolutely believe in the spirit of Botho which was instilled by the three founding fathers of my nation. I live by the mantra do your thing, do it everyday and do it unapologetically. Pay no mind to the fear of failure for it is more valuable than success,” she adds.

Winning Miss Africa would mean so much to her because it will then mean growth in her philanthropic work. “I love giving back to the community and putting a little smile on a person that has lost all hope. It gives me so much life, so much energy and motivates me to do even more,” Tuduetso. She says that she has been taking part in charitable activities in her community as an individual and believes that going as an ambassador for Miss Africa Calabar will enable her to reach out to most African countries that are faced with common social ills such as poverty. “It will then mean that I become a voice to all the voiceless women and girls that are still facing the wrath of inequality, inhumanity and all forms of abuse. I will be an advocate to our African mothers and sisters that are being beaten blue and black by their supposedly significant others, simply because their strength is too much to handle…an advocate to our African fathers and brothers that are being brutally killed in other African countries simply because they are foreigners when all they ever have wanted was to improve their economic stability and that of their loved ones,” she posits. She adds that she hopes to use the Miss Africa Calabar title to make a huge impact through her humanitarian acts in Africa as a whole.