Daniela Lopes


Having grown up in Namibia and South Africa, Daniela sees herself as an African child and not just as Angolan. She describes herself as a strong and persistent person who, even though maybe broken inside, will keep fighting with a smile on her face. She notes that her resilience is what makes her unique.

She feels that Miss Africa’s 2019 ‘humanity’ theme is the most difficult because nowadays, the world lacks the spirit of humanity. “People are unkind, selfish and heartless. It’s really hard to find people that help without waiting for nothing in return and simply care for others,” she observes.

Should she win, she will use the prize money to pay for her studies, invest in a good business to secure her future and take a sum to invest in measures to create awareness, prevention and solutions for hunger and famine in Africa. “Some might think that awareness isn’t needed because everything is online but surprisingly, a lot of people in my country for example don’t even know about Cunene’s hunger and famine. Thousands of people are dying there but many aren’t aware,” she notes. Daniela says that being human is given but keeping our humanity is a choice. “I come as one but I stand as one thousand,” she adds.