Miss Africa 2018 Contestants attend the Calabar Food Fest

Miss Africa 2018 Calabar contestants enjoy some local cuisine at the Senator Florence Ita-Giwa hosted Food Fest. On display were a variety of dishes from the Yoruba, Efik and Igbo tribes amongst others. The girls were also transformed into Ekombi Dancers as each of them got dressed in the local attire.

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Miss Africa 2018 Contestants visit the Drill Ranch, Calabar

Miss Africa 2018 Calabar contestants get a taste of some Calabar culture when they visit The Drill Rehabilitation and Breeding Center in Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria. Founded in 1991, the Center is the region’s first primate rehab project and is meant to protect the highly endangered drill monkey Mandrillus leucophaeus

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Miss Africa 2018 Calabar contestants attend the Eastside all black party

Miss Africa 2018 Calabar contestants donned their best black outfits for the Eastside Sports Club year-end party. The girls enjoyed some local cuisine, danced the ‘Shaku’ and were treated to a performance by Tossy Young.

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Gase B adds glam to The Dome Grand opening

Miss Africa reigning queen Gase B was one of the many VIP guests who graced the red carpet of The Dome Entertainment Center grand opening. Looking regal in a turquoise flowy ensemble, the Queen accompanied the Vice President of Nigeria Yemi Osinbajo who officially opened the venue by cutting the ribbon. Also present were the Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed as well as many top dignitaries and celebrities.

First launched over a decade ago, the impressive venue has since undergone a massive renovation process and is now reloaded with The Summit Restaurant, an arcade, Noni’s Pizza, VIP Rooms, Twins Cafe, Paradiso Restaurant and Bar, BT Gym, Camelot Spa and Francis Hotel.

Investing heavily in entertainment

Chairman of the venue and a quintessential entrepreneur Dr. Obiora Okonkwo explained why he chose to embark on this project, “I believe that by investing heavily in entertainment, I heeded the call by government for people to open up new economic frontiers that will better position the country. I know that we are pioneers in The Dome. Before we came on board nobody had invested huge amounts into all-purpose entertainment and recreation center like we did. I have no regrets that we invested heavily because just like when I started, I believe that Nigeria needs world class recreation centers, like we have in other parts of the world.”


Dr. Obiora Okonkwo pulled no punches in making sure that the three day jam packed program offers revellers world class entertainment. The Friday grand opening was followed by the Dome Reloaded Party on Saturday and Family Fun Day on Sunday.