Banga Community gets a borehole from Miss Africa Organisation

Banga Camp was built over 50 years ago and until now, the community had no nearby source of clean, drinking water.

Miss Africa Organisation identified the need for a borehole within that community, approached community leaders and a week later, the community at Banga Camp got the means to access clean, drinking water for the first time. The camp has been in existence for over 50 years but the community has never had a source of clean water nearby; instead, they’ve relied on a stream across the road.

























Reigning Queen Neurite Mendes was flanked by Miss Africa Organisation officials and the 25 contestants that are up for the crown at the official unveiling of the borehole. She used this opportunity to kick off her hand over project, Give life, water a tree which the next in line queen will have to take on and ensure its success.















The Queen also took time to plant trees with the kids of the community as well as with the 25 contestants.















This was not the 25 contestants’ first time at Banga Camp, they had previously been there to clear the identified site where the borehole was being unveiled. The contestants are now back in bootcamp and are now looking forward to the live show on 27 December at CICC.


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